I love to create!

I can take products from 0 to 10



I have published mobile apps with over 10,000 downloads.

I enjoy the process of brainstorming product features, prototyping, and strategizing a development roadmap.

Software Engineering

My skills are the one of a builder: full-stack.

I have a lot of experience with Google Cloud & AWS products, Node.js, Next.js, React TypeScript.

MySQL is my database of choice, but recently I have made the most of Neo4j (Graph database), MongoDB, and GraphQL.


At Minerva University, I majored in Computational Sciences with a concentration in Mathematics.

Check out my YouTube channel @TecunTecs where I upload video tutorials about scientific computing with Python.

The Green Card Game

See If You Can Find Your Path to Citizenship.



within 16 weeks!

What did I use to build
The Green Card Game?

Modern Tech Stack:

Next JS (TypeScript), Neo4j (Graph Database), GraphQL & Apollo Server, MongoDB, Material UI, React Flow


Software developer and consultor (contractor) hired by the Cato Institute

Reading Club: Children's Books

Available for download on Google Play and App Store!


within 3 months!

What did I learn while building
The Reading Club app?

Programming languages:

C# (Unity3D), JavaScript (Node.js/React), Python (Flask), Java (Apache Beam SDK).


Co-founder, CTO

MattBots: Learn Number Sense

Watch the 1-minute trailer on YouTube!

Published by

3 sophomores

in 2018-2019!

What did I learn while co-creating
MattBots game?

Leadership Skills:

When I co-founded and co-created MattBots, the experience was an explosion of creativity.

I fostered a culture of learning quickly and solving problems daringly with my 2 co-creators. In every meeting I led, I communicated individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables while also encouraging the team to set bold goals by themselves.

I saw my role as having the responsibility of removing the obstacles that lie in the way of creativity and true inspiration. I realized that, this way, the team seeks to take ownership of the project.


Co-creator, game programmer